The ingenious connection

When producing a closed system, the PVC-connecting elements provide capacity for dirt assimilation. The minimal depth of these elements enables easy cleaning by vacuum cleaner.

The closed construction prevents dirt from accumulating under the profile and thus lifting the mat. The triple profiles have also been developed for dirt assimilation on top of the mat.
The bridge construction underneath the profiles ensures the extraordinary stability of the system. No further materials, such as screws, pins etc. have to be inserted when connecting the aluminium profiles with the special PVC-elements. This assures fast and easy assembly of single matting elements in length as well as in width.
In case of damaged profiles those can easily be replaced directly at the entrance area, as the mat remains in its frame.

All things in life are transitory and if the system has to be replaced, the profiles can easily be separated and recycled.

Clic - The practical matting system

The technical specificity of this product is the unique PVC-connecting element. By using short connecting elements an open matting system is realised, whereas in conjunction with fully fitted connecting elements a closed system is achieved. Due to the special connecting elements this matting system is laid out plane; an effect that is even supported by the bridge construction of triple profiles.

  • alternatively open or closed surface
  • various fittings
  • combination of fittings available
  • highly durable due to profile bridge-construction
  • easy to clean
  • all types of arc cuts
  • weatherproof
  • rollable
  • transportable in segments
  • functional dirt removal
  • superior dirt assimilation of the open system
  • singular replaceable profiles (mat remains in its frame)