Wood – the traditional material

The original Swedish lamella mat consisted of rubber strips and wooden bars. Even nowadays Kobe Wood is still available in this combination. This hand-made wooden entrance system combines extraordinary aesthetics and function that gives every entrance area an exclusive classic look.

The original

Kobe original matting systems consist of aluminium flat bars and black or grey rubber lamellas. A strengthened system, recommendable for shopping trolleys up to 200 kg, is available on request. In addition, Kobe is still handcrafted from the traditional wooden bars, also available with black or gold anodised aluminium bars.

Kobe - The Swedish matting system

The wave-like rubber lamellas of the original Kobe matting system wipe dirt, sand, dust and water off shoe soles like "windscreen wipers".

  • open surface
  • rollable
  • easy to clean
  • weather proof
  • »on top« installation
  • arc cuts
  • functional dirt removal
  • alternative system types on request